Apple’s latest iPad Pro looks like prior iPads but this one is different much different. Not only in the way that it is heavily marketed by Apple- your next computer; pro cameras; use with touch, pencil, keyboard, or trackpad; liquid retina; LiDAR Scanner; and the list goes on. But Apple forgets to mention key innovations that cannot be seen or touched. The sound! The acoustics and electronics inside the new Apple pro are more advanced then any wireless speaker let alone other tablets. Inside this ultrathin device are 8 speakers- 4 porting out of the top of the tablet and 4 porting out of the bottom of the tablet. Each speaker being driven by an audio amplifier from audio experts Cirrus Logic (CS35L91). That is right- eight audio amplifiers. In addition, the audio system appears to be supported by 2 custom dual power supplies, also from Cirrus Logic (CS37L90). The electronics are impressive, but the speakers are also unique. Four of the speakers are formed as part of the rear housing. Most speakers are manufactured outside of the product and dropped into place. The larger speaker in each speaker pair (4 pairs) inside the iPad Pro are partially manufactured during the product assembly. An X-ray on one speaker pair is shown. 3D X-rays are available for the speaker construction.

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