The Apple Watch Series 6 is a small evolution compared to Series 5 or even Series 4. The main differences between Series 6 and Series 5 are: 1. Added a Pulse Oximeter (going from 6 to 13 LEDs and from 8 to 4 photodiodes); 2. Included UWB functionality via Apple custom chip 3. Elimination of the Force Touch display; 4. Transition to Cirrus Logic for the Multi-channel Amplifier. The similarities between the series are much more numerous ADI ECG interace (updated), Skyworks for GPS frontend, Apple connectivity chip (W3) and main processor, Hynix memory (1GB/32GB), Broadcom wireless charging,custom sensing, and GPS chips Bosch Accellerometer/Gyro, Dialog PMU, AMS LED driver, NXP NFC, SiTime reference, TI USB controller. Clearly a slight evolution and not much in revolutions again this year.

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