Device Comparison Tool

You can now compare multiple phones side-by-side on TeardownIQ. The comparison includes all tabs: specifications, dismantling, boards, block diagrams, parts lists, and power data. To use the tool, select any device. Once the device teardown is visible, search for a phone to compare it to by typing into the "Compare Search" box in the middle of the left side of the display. Once a second phone is selected, both phones Features will be displayed side-by-side along with the normal tabs at the top of the screen. Additional phones can be added to the comparison by typing in another phone into the "Add another Device" box at the upper right of the screen. To compare dismantling photos, boards, block diagrams, etc. simply click on the appropriate tab at the top of the screen. Text based tabs will automatically sync to each other whereas the image intense pages have independent scroll bars for each phone.

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