Traditional fingerprint sensors are either embedded under the home key on the front of the mobile phone or on the back of the phone. Placing the fingerprint sensor under the display on the front of the mobile phone should allow for a borderless display on three sides of the display (sides and bottom, the top still requires room for a front camera, proximity sensor, and earpiece). Smartphone manufacturers are continually trying to achieve the truly borderless phone and currently, there are only 3 ways to achieve and still maintain biometric security- 1). The fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone; 2). The Fingerprint sensor under display; and 3). Facial/retina based recognition. Vivo did not take full advantage of the new fingerprint technology from Synaptics though. Vivio retained a significant border below the display along the bottom of the phone.

Placement of the finger over the sensor is still important for recognition. When required, software highlights the area on the screen where the user needs to place his/her finger for a confirmation.

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