Goertek released a combination MEM microphone/pressure sensor recently. The module looks like a typical microphone found in smartphones and wearables from the outside (and even under the metal lid). But, upon closer inspection, additional components are observed in the substrate. A typical microphone has the sensor and interface under the module lid whereas the combo sensor has two mem devices under the lid (mic and pressure sensor). THe combination sensor mem controllers were found embedded in the substrate. This combination sensor makes a lot of sense becasue both microphones and pressure sensors require an external air port. Combining the two sensors into a single module reduces the external ports by one. Additionally, there is an obvious board space savings. We found the Goertek combination sensor in two fitbit products recently (Versa 4 and Sense 2). Both designs still have a separate air port for a pressure sensor and space inside for it too. But the internal space was occupied by just a foam spacer- persumed reserved for a typical pressure sensor if the combination sensor failed to perform.

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