The Intel® Atom™ x3 Platform, the company’s second integrated communication platform (code-named “SoFIA”), includes the highest integration mobile platform transceiver to date. The Intel A-GOLD 620 is a 2G/3G transceiver that not only handles all the normal 2G and 3G cellular radio demands, but also includes fully integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, FMR, GPS and GLONASS connectivity along with the platform audio and PMU functions. All of the functionality was added to the transceiver with very minimal impact to package size (~5% increase) when compared to the prior generation A-GOLD 610. The internal die grew significantly, though (almost 2x). The main difference between generations is the addition of Wi-Fi and GPS to the A-GOLD 620. A-GOLD 610 already contained the 2G/3G transceiver, BT, and PMU. A-GOLD 620 needs only Atom x3-C3130 (SoFIA 3G, dual core apps/modem) or Atom x3-C3230 (SoFIA 3GR-quad core apps/modem) to complete the platform.

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