NVIDIA Fails Modality Test In
Application Processor

NVIDIA Tegra K1 Denver vs. NVIDIA Tegra K1

The latest mobile offering for NVIDIA is its homegrown Tegra K1 Denver application processor. The whole Tegra K1 versus Tegra K1 Denver was a bit confusing but now that the Tegra K1 Denver is out we know why it’s hard to find in products. The Tegra K1 Denver has a core developed by NVIDIA; a powerful part by any standard but it draws way too much current for mobile devices. The Google (HTC) Nexus 9 (which houses the NVIDIA Tegra K1 Denver) is the first product we tested that measured over 3Amps in our benchmark testing. A typical power hungry core in this performance range normally peaks at under 2Amps. Don’t expect to see to many other models using this unique processor. Also, it is a whomping 13.2mm x 11mm. Big, expensive, power hungry: not good mobile characteristics.

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