Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge Display vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Display

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge teardown reveals the curvature of the display is far less than the first Samsung "Edge" phone—the Galaxy Note Edge. In fact, the S6 has less than half the area visible from the side—4.1mm visible edge on the Note Edge and 1.6mm per side on the S6 Edge. Samsung has commented on the manufacturing issues with the edge display / glass technology and the latest rendition seems to be a move to reduce cost and improve yields. The S6 does have the Edge on 2 sides but the reduced size on both size makes it impractical to view anything on either side. The edge was a bit gimmicky to start with and coupled with the reduced display visibility from the side on the S6, it is even more so a look and feel feature as opposed to functional one.

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