Samsung Galaxy K Zoom vs. Galaxy S4 Zoom

The original Galaxy Zoom simply looked like a camera with phone capabilities (80% practical camera but only 20% practical phone). The Galaxy K Zoom introduced in 2014 was a remarkable improvement over its predecessor. The product is not just a good combination phone / camera it is a good phone and it is a good camera. Both generations sported a 10x optical zoom lens that make the products stand out cameras but the K Zoom reduced the size impact of the 10x lens to a minimum making it a good phone also. The lens is not the only reason the K Zoom outperforms most standalone cameras, though. The compute power within smartphones today is much higher than the typical camera and combining that processing power with an excellent zoom lens has resulted in an outstanding product. Taking photos and videos from the sideline of a sporting event with the K Zoom results in close-up / detail images that rival most amateur pure cameras on the market. The next generation (fictitiously named the Galaxy Zoom 6 here) should be even more exciting if Samsung can make similar gains on this generation.

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