Withings Activité Pop Exterior

Withings Activité Pop Front of PCB Angled View

Withings Activité’s Pop is the most elegant and simple design we have seen in an activity tracker / watch. The face of the Withings Activité Pop has mechanical hands that indicate both time and activity level. Using hands is an excellent way to provide always-on yet low-power consumption (8 months battery life). Our test showed only microamps of current with no activity, 1.5mA when active, and only 2.3mA to move the hands. Inside is just as elegant and simplistic: Bluetooth SOC, accelerometer, and hand movement mechanisms. This new merger of technology (traditional watch first) could be the standard for a long battery life always-on watch / fitness trackers. However, we did find an issue with the product. The product automatically syncs with your smartphone to display additional information and exchange data with fitness tracking apps. On initial setup, you are asked to position the hour / minute hands to a specific time. The watch then synchronizes with your smartphones clock. Once this is set, the watch and phone keep synchronization during data syncs. The sample we analyzed did not keep time well though: either large mechanical shocks move the minute had without the electronics knowledge or the algorithm for time synchronization is off. In either case, fixable!

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