About Our Teardowns

Yole SystemPlus's Teardowns uncover innovative design features and new semiconductor components to guide enterprises toward more streamlined solutions in future designs. We provide clients unmatched intelligence into phones, tablets, wearables, smart home devices, and components. Teardown reports include pinpoint power measurements, detailed parts lists, block diagrams, x-rays, and high-resolutions photos. Each step of the teardown process is carefully documented by our experts to present detailed insights into component parts and costs, as well as chip system functionality. And, our web-based format allows our clients to access immediate updates of our Teardowns, as our analysis progresses.

Recently Torn Down Automotive Devices

Discover our extensive automotive teardown expertise, spanning over 250 teardowns encompassing a wide array of systems and subsystems, with detailed BoM, design wins as well as block diagrams. In Yole Group's Automotive Teardown Tracks, the following innovative systems are analyzed in detail:

  • -Powertrain & electrification: onboard chargers, converters, inverters, Battery Management Systems (BMS), and power control units,
  • -Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) & safety: radars, cameras, LiDARs, computing units, and ultrasonic sensors,
  • -Infotainment & telematics: cluster displays, IVI displays, and silver boxes as well as telematics solutions (such as 4G/5G, V2X, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, UWB Telematic Control Units (TCU).

Additionally, our teams also analyze various other Electronic Control Units (ECUs), including airbag controls, ABS ECUs, Low Beam Modules, cooling fans, and LED power stages.

Recently Torn Down Consumer Devices

Our device teardowns cover more than 3,500 teardowns of mobile phones of all tiers, including smartphones, feature phones, and kid phones, as well as tablets, including iPads, the Samsung Galaxy, and the Microsoft Surface. Our device coverage also includes access to hundreds of wearable teardowns, including activity trackers, smart watches, kid trackers, VR devices, and high-tech jewelry. Smart Home teardowns include all things that make the home smart: smart thermostats, smart lighting, smart switches, surveillance cameras, smart smoke detectors, home automation hubs, and security devices. Clients have immediate access to new teardowns and updates, as our analysis progresses on high profile devices, devices with any new technology or chipset, and top-selling phones.

Recently Torn Down Parts

Our Teardown coverage includes both electronic devices and components. Our experts carefully document each step of the teardown process to present detailed insights into component parts and costs, as well as chip system functionality. Detailed power measurements are available for nearly every operating mode, and our measurement techniques mean that specific IC current drains can be detected.

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Recent Teardown Notes

Get the latest key findings, as we uncover them, during the Teardown process.

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